Primary care support that's right for you.

Medical professionals provide a range of personalized health services for you and your family.

It's time for you.

Bringing healthcare home, with Chapman Telehealth.

Match with right NP

Find the best Nurse Practitioner for you based on your health challenges and personal preferences.

Less waiting, more healing

Experts at Your Fingertips. Enjoy continuity of care with your NP without long wait lists and time between appointments.

Schedule a simple consultation

Help establish a sustainable virtual care platform that makes it quick and simple to diagnose, treat, and manage medical conditions while the patient remains at home.

Better Healthcare Anywhere

Count on safe and confidential interactions with the highest level of safety. Our platform ensures complete confidentiality, privacy, and security.


Effective results

The prices are affordable, but the therapy is high quality, and I’ve found it so helpful. Video counselling makes it super easy to get the help you need.  An affordable and accessible option for your health support to clients and makes things easy for the clinician as well.

85% majority of our clients find virtual therapy to be just as effective as in-person.

Our services

Here are many Services of Chapman Telehealth that may be helpful for your health care.

Primary care

Primary care

Women Health